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2006, Albert Baumhoer, Stieghorst, Bielefeld, Duitsland


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48 kHz, 24-bit, stereo, multiple release samples
2000 MB RAM
14/2+P (keyboards / stops)
Licence: Commercial
Released in: 07-2010

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This is a rather unusual organ: Not large (14 records) and young (2006) but romantic / symphonic in 'Cavaille-Coll style' in a church with little reverberation.
The low reverberation of this organ has several advantages:
  • It is very practical for study: you can hear every imperfection.
  • The requirements for the computer are low both memory (RAM) and CPU.
  • Because of this, the sampleset is good usable with the free version of Hauptwerk. Load the samples than in 16-bit/compressed/single loops. It is possible that you reach the 'polyphony limit' (of free Hauptwerk version) when you play big chords with a full registration.
  • When desired, it is possible to add (artificial) reverb.
Although the organ has not as many registers, it can be used for many types of music. This because of the sophisticated wide disposition of Principals, Reeds, Strings, Flutes and a Mixture. The organ has no tremolo. With the 'free-floating' VoixCeleste8 can you compensate a bit. Perhaps unusual, but if you combine the Basson-Hautbois8 with the VoixCeleste8 you get some kind of 'tremolo effect'. The Montre8 has a relatively high volume in the bass. Later I read why this happens: The 15 lowest pipes are in the front of the organ. The TrompetteHarmonique8 is beautiful if you use him solo, as well in Bass as in Soprano. As accompaniment for the TrompetteHarmonique8 on the Recit I prefer FluteHarmon8/Flute4/Doublette2 that sounds a bit brighter than Montre8/Prestant4/Doublette2.
The sampleset contains two virtual versions of the organ:
  • As the original.
  • An 'extended version' with: an increased compass of pedal and keyboards, extra stops, extra couplers and combination stops.
Very nice that a Nazard Harmonique 2 2/3 is added to the 'extended version', it is very suitable as solo voice (in combination with CorDeNuit8).
Operation of this sampleset is simple: Large, readable buttons on both the 1 screen console, as on the left and right tab (when you have two touch screens available). The control screens have a 1024x768 pixel screen resolution. This is useful for some (older) laptops, even I find it awkward because most (commercial) samplesets have a resolution of 1280 x 1024. If you change the sampleset, you must also change the screen resolution.

However the most information is available on the site of pipeloops, it is professional that there is a user manual.
You can try the sampleset for free with the Trial version, this trial has two limitations: 1) Every minute, the sound is interrupted for a few seconds 2) The extended version is not available.
This sampleset is particularly interesting for people who use the free version of Hauptwerk or if you are interested in a bright romantic organ with a little reverb.

Gert, augustus 2010

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