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Contact, about us

Who am I?

I'm a enthusiastic amateur organ player and in my daily live a freelance software (java, web, database) developer.
There are two types of organists (musicians):
  1. They make music themselves.
  2. Which only imitate (via sheet music) what others have invented.
I myself belong to the second category, and I can play, after considerable practice, what someone else wrote, so be warned.

I started with Hauptwerk in 2005 with a laptop with 2 GB internal memory and the Marcussen sampleset. My current configuration:
  • White V-Touch console with 2 Adam A7X speakers and subw.
  • Computer (Intel i7) with 32 GB RAM, Crucial MX100 256 GB SSD.
  • Windows 8.1 64 bit.
  • EMU 1820M PCI multichannel sound card.
  • 2 Genelec 8040A active speakers (used ones via marktplaats.nl)
  • The samplesets which are on this site.
On this site I restrict myself to church organs, although you can use Hauptwerk also for theatre organs, harmoniums and harpsichords. Also I restrict myself to the PC (with Windows), although you can run Hauptwerk also on a MAC.

  I made this site to:
  • Exercise with making a website.
  • Share my pleasure of Hauptwerk with others.
  • Promote Hauptwerk to Dutch organ players.
  • Compare samplesets in an objective way.
  • Take away the misunderstanding that Hauptwerk is expensive. A sound-module (e.g. Viscount CM-100) on a digital organ is more expensive.
  • I have nog profit goal, the advertising revenues go to Woord en Daad.
I'm independent and have no special relation with Hauptwerk or Milan Digital Audio, one of the sample-set producers or sale of computers and audio systems. Also I don't sell samplesets and don't receive commission from sampleset producers. But I get samplesets offered for review / beta test.
Best regards,
Gert van Ginkel


Questions, suggestions, remarks or report of faults are welcome!

Tim Keller:


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