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Welcome to PCorgan.com

On this site is described (on the page Requirements) how you can play a virtual organ on a computer with a lot more realism than the common digital organs.

All is in detail on the site of Hauptwerk.

See Hauptwerk organs on Pictures.
On the Compare and Samplesets pages you can easily compare samplesets. On each organ are the same music pieces played with a similar (when possible) registration.

Global functioning

  • The computer is connected via a Midi cable with the digital organ or keyboard.
  • All pipes of all stops are separate recorded (inclusive reverb) and stored on the computer as sound fragments (samples).
  • When you press a key on the digital organ or keyboard then Hauptwerk received it via midi and plays the right sound fragment (sample). When you release the key, the reverb is played.
  • When there are more stops selected all affected samples are mixed.
  • The sound comes from the computer and not from the digital organ.





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