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1721 Gottfried Silbermann, St. Georgenkirche, Rotha, Germany

  Milan Digital Audio

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Historic German baroque organ

48 kHz, 24-bit, stereo, original acoustic
1300 MB RAM (with default memory reduction adjustments)
2+P/23 (keyboards / stops)
Licence: Commercial
Released in: 2006

On Hauptwerk forum: Silbermann, St. George -HW2
On Hauptwerk forum: St Georgenkirche Silbermann

Review in German on Orgelbits.

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For baroque music is this a very nice sampleset. Nothing is better than the warm Principals of a Silbermann! This organ has also clear flutes and a wonderful Quintadena. The Georgenkirche has ideal acoustics, sufficient reverb for nice and not too much. The console is beautiful and realistic, even the pull out of the stop knobs (with sound) is very authentic. Also the noise of the keys (is nice in my opinion), blower and tremulant makes it very realistic. Unfortunately, there is no coupler from the secondary manual to the pedal, this because you want often an 8 feet in the pedal. Especially when you start, it is awkward that the names of the stops are not clear readable. You can already load this magnificent sampleset in 920 MB (with 16 bit 48 kHz, Single Loops and Compressed). 24 bit 48 kHz, Multiple Loops without compression requires 3.9 GB.
Gert, 2007

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Mp3 examples of others:
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Demo movie (with permission of Milan Digital Audio):
Click on the [ ] button (low right beside the small speaker) for full screen. Set the volume high.


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