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1717-1719 Radeker en Garrels, Magnuskerk, Anloo, Drenthe, Nederland


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Site of Magnuskerk Anloo

Dutch organ
48 kHz, 24-bit, stereo, semi dry, single release samples
1500 MB RAM (with default loss less memory compression)
2+P/21 (keyboards / stops)
Licence: Commercial
Released in: 11-2009

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This sampleset is very suitable to serve as 'Start with Hauptwerk sampleset':
  • 2 manuals and pedal.
  • Low requirements for the PC, both internal memory and processor. This is because there is nearly no reverb.
  • Works fully with Hauptwerk Free because of the above reason.
  • Has a complete disposition (Flutes, Principals, Reeds).
  • Has a relatively low price of E 99,-.
It is really a organ from the 'Schnitger school', the builders were foreman's of Schnitger. The best of this organ, I find the blowing Flutes, particularly Gedackt8 and Floit4 of the BorstPositiff. They sound like a recorder. I like also the Principals but I experience the volume versus the Flutes pretty hard (or vice versa: the Flutes quite soft compared to the Principals). I think, the Trumpet is a little 'dull' (not very bright), but maybe this is the case on real organ. The Dulciaan has beautiful irregularities (I mean this positively), listen to the 'central' e. The VoxHumana sounds however, in my ears, too 'pure', there is no hovering. Besides different reed stops, you can also use for a solo stop, the not too sharp, Sesqualter. The Tremulant is in my opinion not so pretty, but that's the case for most 'Hauptwerk tremulants'.
This sampleset comes with 13 different temperaments.
There are no multiple releases (multiple reverb samples) included, this is not a problem because this set has almost no reverberation. You can make this clear Baroque organ a bit warmer through the addition of artificial reverberation (via software or hardware).
Besides all stops are also the 'sounds' recorded of:
  • Press and release of manual and pedal keys.
  • Pushing and pressing the stop buttons.
  • Tremulant motors.
Unfortunate that no sound was recorded of the wind engine (blower) / church.
Via 'Organ/Show Organ information' you can see, among other things, some nice pictures.
The layout of the screens is very practical and ideal for a touch screen: Large buttons and easy to read. There are 3 tabs available: Standard, Left, Right. A photo-realistic console with pull stops is not modeled in this sampleset. However, the clear nameplates are similar to the ones of the original organ.
This is a sampleset with a 'high value for money' factor.
Gert, december 2009

Mp3 examples of me CAUTION:
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Documentaire of organ builder Henk van Eeken (who restored the organ of Anloo):

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