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1703/1997-2006 Casparini/Mathis Sonnenorgel, Görlitz

  Sonus Paradisi

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Die Görlitzer Sonnenorgel

Pfarrkirche St. Peter und Paul (Görlitz)


wikiwand: Pfarrkirche St. Peter und Paul (Görlitz)

48 kHz, 24-bit, surround 3 x stereo, multiple release samples

Description 16-bit (GB) 20-bit (GB) 24-bit (GB)
Stereo - Load only Front diffuse 13 24
2 x Stereo - Front diffuse + Rear 28 50
2 x Stereo - Front direct + Rear 28 50
3 x Stereo - Front direct, Front diffuse + Rear 40 77 85
3 x Stereo - Front direct (sim. dry, long decay 250ms), Front diff. + Rear 33 57
3 x Stereo - Front direct, Front diffuse + Rear (don't load tremulant samples) 28
3 x Stereo - Front direct, Front diffuse + Rear (don't load all stops) 32

87/4+P (stops/key boards)
License: Commercial
Released in: 10-2015

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These examples are played by me on the standard mix configuration 64/64:
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Examples with different mixing (reverb):
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Mp3 examples:
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