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1793, Antonin Reis, Rabstejn nad Strelou, Czech

  Sonus Paradisi

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Historic Czech
48 kHz, 24-bit, stereo, multiple release samples
2156 MB RAM (with default loss less memory compression)
18/2+P (keyboards / stops)
Licence: Commercial
Released in: 11-2009

On Hauptwerk forum: SP - new sampleset (1793)

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The strength of this sampleset is the combination of an 'old sound' with a 'great acoustics'.
This sampleset does well when I demonstrate Hauptwerk to other people:
  • Sounds lovely historic.
  • Beautiful spacious 'old church acoustics'.
  • Noisy key sounds, blower sound, sound of stop buttons.
  • The graphics looks good.
The organ has a rather 'sharp' character with a strong Prestant 4, Octav2 and Octav1. But you can also make the organ sound lovely with the beautiful Flutes and Salicional. Because this organ has much 'high' stops, I regularly play an octave lower. You can hear this several times in the below following demos (e.g. Ps 43 Koraal II, Ps 43 Vox Humana, Ps 81 Tenor). So it is possible to create a Prestant8 sound with the Prestant4. With the Flute8 and/or Salicional8 you get an authentic sound which I was imagined a few centuries back in time. The organ has no reed. In original state, the organ has no couplers, a small keyboard/pedal compass and even not an electric blower (!). There is even no electricity available in the church. In 1878 is there for the last major maintenance done on the organ, it is actually in a very bad (but so original) state.
The sampleset contains the modeled organ in original condition, there is also an 'extended' version:
  • 6 additional stops. Mostly aliquots, unfortunate that no Prestant 8 (on II, derived from Prestant 4 of I) is added.
  • Full compass keyboard and pedal.
  • Couplers: II-I, II-P, I-P, P-I (Bass couple).
  • Blower sound.
This sampleset comes on 2 DVDs and includes 4 versions (and for each version an 'Original' and 'Extended'):
  • Wet Diffuse, recorded at some distance from the organ.
  • Wet Direct, something closer recorded.
  • Surround (4 channels), here you get a very spacial effect.
  • Dry, mono recorded just before the organ.
As usual with Sonus Paradisi, there are the following beautiful and also practical screens:
  • Console, you see move the keys and stops.
  • Wind model, you see the bellows up and down and move the valves (works only in combination with 'Hauptwerk Advanced/Wind model').
  • Extended, a very practical and clearly arranged display, with clear buttons and 12 'presets'.
  • Voicing, here you can change the 'brightness' for every stop (works also for Hauptwerk Basic).
I regret that the screens have a sort of widescreen format (1188x782), now I have on my screen (1280x1024) screen, an 'unused' piece.
This is a nice sampleset of an authentic organ for a reasonable price.
Gert, december 2009

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