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I don't see a 'player' but a red cross.

There are two possible causes:
  1. The 'player' uses Adobe Flash Player. When this 'plug-in' is not installed on the browers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, enz.) it doesn't work.
  2. You use an iPad/iPhone, these doesn't support Adobe Flash Player.

How are the recordings on PCorgan.com made?

Caution: For each sampleset are the same (20) music pieces recorded. Comprehensible, not all pieces fits on each organ. However, for every organ are there some appropriate pieces.

My recordings are done with:
  • Hauptwerk Advanced.
  • Recorded via Hauptwerk recording function, there are no additional effects added (e.g. extra reverb).
  • Live played in Hauptwerk (I did no midi file editing).
  • Each organ in original temperament.
  • Converted to mp3 with 192 kbit/s (via Switch), the sound quality direct from Hauptwerk is better.
  • The same amateur organ player, so the play quality is not optimal. But very realistic because most of us are amateurs... ;-)

Why it is not handy to listen to recordings of PCorgan.com.

I listen for myself nearly never to organ music, but mostly to orchestra (and choir), for example the Cantatas of J.S. Bach.

Most benefits of organ playing are related to 'solo play':
  • It is possible to improvise, with a choir/orchestra that's not possible because there play more people at the same time.
  • It is in a church practical that only one person is needed to accompany the singing, else it spends a lot of (weekly) preparation.
  • Organ sounds (solo) quite good and varied because of you can play many-voiced and you can also express more timbres. For a lot of orchestra instruments that is usually not the case for solo playing.
But qua sound are there for orchestra/choir a lot more possibilities than for organ because of:
  • There is no restriction of only two hands and two feet.
  • There are a lot more instruments possible, so it can be a lot more varied.
  • (song) Text can add a lot to the music.
  • The human voice is one of the nicest music instruments.
  • In my ears sounds a real trumpet better than the organ stop 'Trumpet 8', the same happens for a lot other organ stops.
May be I'm too straight, but in my opinion, organ is (based on the above mentioned things) a compromise.

It is better to use our valuable time to listen to good orchestra/choir music (with the text book in the hands), for example the above mentioned Cantatas of J.S. Bach (Cheap Kruidvat performance).

Conclusion: An organ is one of the nicest instruments to play, but you can better listen to music of orchestra with choir.


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