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2001 Grygar (Czech Republic), Litomysl, Czech Republic (wet version)

  hauptwerk.cz / Sonus Paradisi
Site of Sampleset producer about this Sampleset
Large modern Czech concert organ
48 kHz, 24-bit, stereo, original acoustic
Wet: 16-bit: 5616 MB (with default memory reduction adjustments)
Dry: 16-bit: 1.6 GB
4+P/51 (keyboards / stops)
Licence: Commercial
Released in: 05-2010

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Review in German on Orgelbits.

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CAUTION: This review is based on version 1, there is already a new version available, see: New Litomysl sampleset
For example, your feelings are unpleasant, unsteady and a bit out of sorts. Load this sampleset in original temperament, configure a tutti (not all stops but especially Principals, Mixtures and Reeds) and play an easy choral... this sounds great and it feels as you are a large organist and all uncertainty is gone. ;-) This is more an organ for practical all-players than for purists. Because of the variety of registration possibilities it is incredible all-round and highly suitable for romantic music or music with solo stops. The reeds are superior, also the strings and (to a lesser degree) the principals. The flutes are, in my opinion, less nice and for fast baroque pieces with a single flute or principal registration there are better samplesets available (this because a large reverb and the absence of multiple-release samples). On the impressive Chamade-work is only the Cornet VI, in my eyes, unusable, the same for the Quintbass Apertus 10 2/3 in the pedal. The beautiful and practical console-page is logical and has easy readable stops. Also are there sufficient programmable general combination buttons. Although this is a large set, it is also good usable with about 3 GB. You don't load some stops and further all with 'single-loops'. Very handy is the voicing page (also available with Hauptwerk Standard Edition) to adjust the volume of one or more stops. For less money (about E3,- per stop) you have a lot of possibilities and a wide range of sound color.

The new features of Litomysl version 2:
  • Multiple releases - 3 levels for each stop (improved staccato behavior), courtesy of Al Morse. GvG: The main change in version 2, see below my comments.
  • New Trumpet imperial 32 feet in the bottom octave (was 16' before). GvG: This is a nice improvement, now you can use it in pedal (via Coupler).
  • Dual Touch screen support. GvG: Is a nice addition, but although I have two touch screens, I still keep the original screen since it is both practical and beautiful.
  • Improved denoising - about 18 dB better noise floor. GvG: This is audible improvement.
  • Many voicing corrections to individual pipes.
  • Completely new ballancing of the divisions and stops. GvG: There are indeed changes, mostly good, but the Chamade stops are now a little softer, this makes me sad.
  • Redesigned Cornet on the Bombardwerk. GvG: He is now a lot more useful.
  • Redesigned swell box behavior.
  • Improved tremulant behavior, including completely new design of the tremulant LFO's. GvG: I think they're still not very nice.
  • New crescendo design: the stops drawn manually are not switched off when the crescendo is increasing.
There is much in sound changed from version 1. For quick playing with only a few stops, I find the addition of artificial releases an improvement. But if you select many stops, it sounds in my ears still 'glassy' / 'metallic'. Listen for example to 'Plein Jeu a la Couperin', it's like I play on a 'traditional electronic organ'. In my opinion, also 'Ps 43 Koraal with tutti registration' sounds better in version 1. If you not like the additional (artificial) releases you can put them off (in the 'Load screen' configure 'Multiple release sample handling mode' -> 'Load only default sample (less realism, less memory)').
This sampleset is suitable for romantic, but not too fast, music. It is an inexpensive sampleset where you can experience great pleasure if you don't have already a 'high quality sampleset'. Do you have other samplesets, then save for Caen Surround, which costs more, but the quality is much better.

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Version 2:
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