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1778 Pazicky, R. C. Saint Imre, Pusztaszabolcs, Hungary

  Inspired Acoustics

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Site about The oldest operable organ in Hungary

Historical Hungarian Baroque organ
48 kHz, 24-bit, stereo, original acoustic, multiple attack, multiple releases
5.4 GB RAM (with default loss less memory compression)
2+P/17 (keyboards / stops)
license: commercial / worship license
Released in: 03-2009

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A greater contrast is hardly imaginable: After the mega big romantic symphonic concert organ 2006 Pecsi-Muhleisen, Bela Bartok National Concert Hall, Budapest, Hungary Inspired Acoustics brings a sampleset of an intimate historic baroque organ. Although most of the organ dates from 1778, I find the sound more renaissance than baroque.
The organ has a beautiful painted case and console. The organ bench even has a back! It is striking that the 'foot indication' is not painted beside the name of the stops, so: Principal, Coppel i.s.o. Principal 4, Coppel 8. Because of the registration pages looks very authentic, the 'foot indications' lacks also in the sampleset. That is very difficult in the beginning, but it turns quite fast because the organ is not very big.
The lower octave of keyboard and pedal is a short octave. The highest note of the keyboards is a c3. However, in the sampleset can simple (with one touch) be changed to the 'extended mode', then the sampleset has a standard lowest octave and the highest note is a f3. Also a bit striking is the stop 'Petal', it is a composition of (not to be used separately): Subbass16 and Burdon8. The organ has neither reeds nor a tremulo.
This sampleset is realistic in all details:
  • This sampleset has different samples for a quick attack and a quiet attack. Also the key-sounds are velocity(touch)-sensitive. Unfortunately I don't have velocity-sensitive keyboards, so I can't try this nice feature.
  • The noises of keys (push and release) and drawbar (pushing stops). Very nice is that you can very easily switch off the (loud) noises of the keys.
  • The noise of the blower engine (and church). This can also be switched of with a button.
  • Very similar layout of the registration pages.
  • Original (small) accoustics.
  • Different pages for Left and Right, this is only applicable when you have 2 touch screens.
It is also useful that the sampleset producer has added (only in extended mode) two couples that are missing in the original organ: I-Pedal, II-Pedal. As with the PAB sampleset of Inspired Acoustics is also here the layout and usability impeccable.
This sampleset is particularly suitable for historical music, but that sounds really historic and sometimes a bit out of tune in music with chords.
Gert, april 2009

Mp3 examples of me Caution:
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Domenico Scarlatti's very famous D Major Sonata, Longo 164, played by Joseph Felice:

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