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Selfmade low

Console of Ralph Sampson, build by Renatus in Bideford, Devon UK. Specification:
  • 4 UHT manuals 20 pistons each manual
  • Illuminated rocker tabs - Willis layout
  • Radiating concave pedal board 3 expression pedals 20 toe pistons
  • 2 Dell IPS panels (removed from plastic enclosures and housed in maple enclosures - monitor setting buttons relocated to rear of screen housing using recessed thumb pistons - a really neat idea!)
  • Glass and stainless steel console frame - console finished in American maple
  • Glass and maple music stand with sliding adjustment
  • Proprietary midi circuitry - wiring for midi boards, monitors (hdmi and usb for touch control) routed through rear central vertical stainless steel column to connection box at bse
  • Computer - MacPro with 32gb Interfacer - Audiofire 8 (Using USB for midi)
  • Audio: ATC active tri-amped studio monitors speakers (SCM 70ASL) and ATC c6 sub with ATC sca2 preamp

Strakke Hauptwerk console

Over the top

Console of Barbara Dennerlein, build by Markus Harder-Volkmann - Orgelbau.

Console in Amstetten / Osterreich, build by Markus Harder-Volkmann - Orgelbau.

Console of Nick Nelson.

Selfmade of Jan Willem Pakvis:
  • Case copied from model Johannus Sweelinck.
  • Motherboard: ASROCK X58 Extreme3; Intel i7 950 3.07GHz; 24 GB DDR3; Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit; Hardisk: ssd 80 GB only for Windows; Ssd 160 GB only for Hauptwerk; Video card:Assus EAH 5570 series; Touchscreen: 17 inch Han touch.
  • M-audio delta 192 ap sound cart, 2x kenwood amplifier.
  • 2 x selfmade speakers in same color, on 1.50 meter behind.
  • 2 smaller speakers with a tweeter range inside the organ case.

Selfmade of Gerard Schudde: Registerwippers and manuals of an Eminent 7900, cupboard and pedal are selfmade.

Nice self made Hauptwerk organ of Bart Dekker on basis of an old Hofberg harmonium: 2x Alesis Mk2 speakers, self made subwoofer, nieuwe klavieren, touch screen, PC with 8GB memory and Q6600 processor.

Hauptwerk organ of Knutselaar

Hauptwerk organ of Boudewijn

Selfmade of Erik80: A combination of pull-knobs with (touch)screens.

David Russell: An extensive project with nice pull knobs

Hauptwerk organ of Burkard Hillebrands. The woodwork has been built by Johannes Zimnol, Kaiserslautern, Germany.

Selfmade with usage of church organ manuals, see this link for the description..

Selfmade by father of Alex, based on Marcussen sampleset: Hoffrichter keyboards, WinXP Pro, E-MU sound Card.

The solid oak Hauptwerk organ build by Cees Toet, the technical details are made by Johan van der Waal van Dijk.

Vinicio Loncagni: Built by Norbedo & Artorgan Lab. Two touch screens LG, three Fatar keyboards, Laukhuff pedalboard. Pc System: Intel I7 CORE Q 8 Core 920 2.67Ghz, 12 Gb Ram, Windows 7 Professional, M-Audio Audiophile 192. Ampli Pioneer and Speakers ESB CDX 7.

Selfmade with two 17" touch screens of Daniel Cook

Selfmade by Ziemowit Brodzikowski

Selfmade on a ship (!) "Christa" of Kees Bakker: Duo core processor E6700, 8 Gb ram, Emu 1212m, good Sony versterker + 2 speakers

Selfmade of Wim Eradus, with sampleset of Johann Adam Ehrlich 1748 (Prospectum) integrated

Het Hauptwerkorgel van Lourens Schaak.
Klik op de foto om Lourens te zien spelen op dit orgel.
De technische onderdelen zoals de klavieren, printplaatwerk en schermen komen allemaal van Noorlander orgelbouw.
De kast zelf en het houtwerk is gebouwd en ontworpen door de heer T. van Roekel van het atelier T' Gildehuys te Urk.
Lourens heeft zelf alle elektronica erin gebouwd en geinstalleerd.

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